Mead „Kunigaikščių“





Capacity: 0.5l (gl.) | Price 12 €

Capacity: 0.5l (cer.) | Price 12 €

Capacity: 0.25l (cer.) | Price 7 €

Capacity: 0.1l (cer.) | Price 3 €

National heritage product
The mead of dukes – is a unique dark colour and exclusive taste, with a very soft, silky texture, complex flavour because made using all bee products. It is a real Duke’s drink.
Ingredients: dark honey, water, bee bread, pitch. Strength 12%.

Recommended serving temperature is 12-16° C. Used as aperitif, suitable sophisticated meat dishes or desserts.

Ratings and awards:

  • 2015 Recognized as the best Lithuanian mead in the Lithuanian wine championship.
  • 21st International Agriculture and Food Industry Exhibition „AgroBalt 2016“ – a winner of gold medal.
  • 8th Lithuanian manufacturers Exhibition „Made in Lithuania 2016“ – awarded a diploma.
  • Silver medal at 2018 „KRAFT ROKU“  European Mead Competition

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